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What is a HydroMate™


HydroMate™ is a unique storage jar that ages and cure premium herbs.  HydroMate™ preserves your herb indefinitely using a patented Boveda™ two-way humidity packet, light limiting glass and a hermetically sealed gasket lid.  This combination creates the perfect atmosphere within the jar that virtually prevents mold growth and sustains your herb making your smoking experience the best it can be.  These conditions improve the effects, taste and smoke at a clearly noticeable level. 


Aging and curing over time is like aging a fine cigar.  With HydroMates™ ability to stabilize the conditions to allow indefinite preservation, you can actually improve your herb.  Time allows sugars, chlorophyll and other organic growth products to dissipate from your smoke.  They make your smoke harsh and taste bad.  The effects of your herb increase because it allows that part of the plant to mature.


No More Dry Herb!
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Hydromate Testimonial, Endorsements & Reviews


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  • "To whom it may concern,

    I ordered HydroMate reluctantly but will never regret my purchase. It arrived on time and the product was real professional and well done. A+ on the HydroMate."

  • "Gentlemen,

    I am a cigar connoisseur and aging is so important. When I saw HydroMate I knew I could now age my herbs, or curing as they call it with herbs. Now I cure my herbs and they are remarkable."

  • "Hello,

    I just wanted to let you know Hydromate is a great product for a great price. It did actually improve my herb. I told every one of my friends. What a product! "


See HydroMates "No More Dry Herb" Video to know the science


Home of the Original stash jarHydromate™ is the solution to dry herb.  It is an herb jar that maintains humidity, masks odors and limits light so you can now age your premium herb like a fine cigar. 

There is no maintenance required; it maintains your quality in a hermetically sealed herb container.  When handled with care, not even the strongest of odors escape. 

Being the best of stash jars it is available in your headshopheadshop distributors on line.  Don’t be fooled with vacuum sealing or simple violet glass, this herb jars has it all.  Buy Hydromates™ and you will not be disappointed!